Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has more users than HTC 10, OnePlus 3T and LG V20 – Report

​Samsung has faced a lot of tough times and had to make hard calls to ensure that they got back all of the Note 7 units that are still in the market and at that, they are at the 90% mark already as at the end of September, leaving a meagre 10% that they hope to disconnect from the network soon and stop from charging in regions such as the United States too. 

However, with just less than 10% of these units in the market, a new report has unveiled something rather interesting and Samsung can find a reason to smile at this in the midst of all the frowns they must be having lately.

The report which was published by Aptelligent, the same firm that pointed out that the people getting the Note 7 continued to go above the roof even during and after the recall of the device, has shown that the number of people that are still with this flagship phablet from the South Korean manufacturer are more than those that are using either of the LG V20, HTC Bolt and OnePlus 3T. 

These devices were specifically chosen for comparison because they happen to be the flagships currently offered by each company. For a discontinued device, the Note 7 still did well against others too and was just a little bit less popular than the new Moto Z and Google Pixel line-ups.
These number apply for all the markets that each device have launched to worldwide and shows that were the Note 7 units not ill fated, this might be the year that Samsung got it right the most.

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