Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to start selling in Europe again soon

Speaking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a good light, we all know that the sales of the smartphone was stopped in all the regions that it had been launched to and launches were stalled in areas where intended so that the recall programme could take full effect and also, the new and faultless units would be shipped without hassle.

For the United States market, we already know that the sales would be resumed by the end of this month but how about other regions?

The home country of Samsung itself, South Korea, is expected to start seeing new sales starting from the 28th of September but that could pose a little bit of problem given that most of the people in this region are yet to exchange their own units for new ones. With a recall programme that hasn’t been well carried out, it would be hard to start selling new versions on the market.

Leaving that region and going elsewhere, it has now been stated that those in Europe who were yet to get their hands on a unit of this phablet before the recall kicked in would be able to do so by November. Don’t bank on early November though because according to official information, it would be opening sales late in the month.

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