Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to use Type C USB, have “Always On” feature

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Samsung is currently putting a huge chunk of its efforts and resources into seeing that the dream of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – the company’s next phablet and set to be another of its flagship devices – comes to actualisation and while we have not gotten to see what the device really is or what specifications it would bring on board for sure, there are little sightings here and there that could help us piece together the puzzle.

In a new leak, it is discovered that there is a very high chance that the Samsung galaxy note 7 would be making use of a Type C kind of USB cable. This would mean that Samsung has finally resorted to go the way of the market because before now, other phone manufacturers (even LG and Motorola) have come to embrace the technology while Samsung is just looking to approach its own changes in baby steps over the years.

Likewise, Samsung introduced an “Always ON” display feature with the Galaxy S7 and that is also supposed to be a part of what the Note 7 would be built on.

The always on feature was seen in a separately leaked picture and for those who are not conversant with Samsung, this feature is what keeps import notifications powered on on the screen while the backlight is off – a useful and battery saving combo of features wrapped into one.

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