Samsung Galaxy Note will soon arrive India in time for Diwali

Samsung is now in a race to make sure it outguns it’s opponents in every market possible. After reports of the phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus from Apple selling 10 million copies (with the iPhone 6) on it’s first weekend, Samsung is ready to throttle it’s own phablet flagship to markets to make sure they sell well before the competitors arrive.

Note 4 coming India
According to India’s Economic Times, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will debut in India before the 15th of October, and that should see sales pouring in for the IFA-announced smartphone during the festive period that follows shortly after the said date.

While there’s no price fixed for the Note 4 inĀ  India, the same source suggests there will be a price tag of around 56,000 rupees.

Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha went on sale in the country yesterday, Samsung India VP of mobile and IT, Asim Warsi told journalist that the Galaxy Note 4 will be available in India before Diwali. The executive also said that smartphone sales are expected to rise drastically during the period as people will like to do most their shopping during the holiday.

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