Samsung Galaxy S5 launches across 135 nations today

Samsung Galaxy S5 launches across 135 nations today

All the way from Korea, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone will cross seas and oceans to launch in one hundred and thirty-five countries today.

It’s amazing to see how Samsung keeps an excellent tab on their wide-range marketing across all the continents of the globe, a quality that has helped them remain the biggest phone maker in the world since 2011.

Samsung Galaxy S5 launches across 135 nations today
The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It has so many versions with different CPU configurations that we lost count.

But it’s OK, the Galaxy S5, whether it’s the Exynos-powered version, or the Krait 400/Snapdragon 801 powered, or even the dual-SIMed G9009D variant in China, all we know is that all Samsung Galaxy S5s are having 2GB of RAM.

The rest of the specs includes a 16MP camera unit, 2880mAh battery and P67 certified dust and water resistant body.

The phone hoards a lot of exclusive features with top of the line being a heart rate monitor, baby monitor, fingerprint sensor and air gestures reader.

The phone will be sold at varying prices across thousands of plans in hundreds of carriers in the 135 countries, not forgetting that Korea, Belgium, Brazil and a few other countries have launched the S5 before today.

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