Samsung Galaxy S5 outsells the S4 in opening day sales

Samsung, who are currently the top sellers of smartphones and phones has announced that it’s latest flagship device which debuted in 125 countries yesterday has the company’s best-ever opening day sales.

The Korean phone maker issued a statement where it said that the Galaxy S5 outsold last year’s Galaxy S4 in opening day numbers by a great margin of 30%. It even said that in some European countries, the margin grew up to 100%, seeing the S5 selling twice as much as the S4 sold in it’s own opening day in April 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S5 outsells the S4 on opening day sales
Just like new iPhone debut sales day, many people were seen all over the world waiting in line to get the Samsung Galaxy S5. Something Samsung used in beefing Apple in 2012 and 2013 when the S3 and S4 was released.

The S5 sales were helped by Samsung’s more fore less strategy it pulled with the new phone. The newer S5 has a larger screen with a dust and water-proof body but costs a little more cheaper than the S4 which lacks many of the features on the S5 like fingerprint and heart reader.

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