Samsung Galaxy S5 sales no match for the Apple iPhone 5s’

Apple and Samsung always have something to give the fans to brag about. If it’s not patent suits, it’s about trolling each other on TV commercials.

This time, it’s Apple win. The California-headquartered tech giant seems to have an upper hand on their Korean foes in terms of sales figures.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s
Analysts, this morning made a shocking revelation: That the 8-month old Apple iPhone 5s was sailing more smoothly than the Samsung Galaxy S5 which was released this year.

What comes as more surprise is that Samsung’s own 2013 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4, was said to be even doing better than the Galaxy S5 which is this year’s Samsung flagship.

Samsung seems to already know where the water entered into it’s ship. It identified lack of unique identity for it’s flagships as the problem.

One user commented, “[The] iPhone has high perceived value while Galaxy is the name on every device (low,medium,high whatever). Galaxy this, galaxy that… I am never able to identify the difference in midrange and low range galaxies until I dont go through full specs… common man doesnt have that much time or don’t bother that much to read/research full specs”

Samsung issued a statement on the report, citing that they will strengthen their product competitiveness by “reinforcing our premium brand reputation, powerful product line-up, and cutting-edge technology.”

Samsung wants to tackle the generic product identity with the introduction of the Galaxy Alpha, a line with a seemingly different design from the other Galaxy products.

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