Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown reveals $256 manufacturing cost

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated electronic devices of this year; Now that the smartphone has been released, lets take a look at what it costs to make one.

The display is the single largest part of the device. The 5.1″ Super AMOLED Full HD touchscreen cost a whooping $63 to make.

Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a teardown, reveals $256 manufacturing cost
While $63 may sound big, wait till you hear that the smaller 5″ screen on last year’s Galaxy S4 cost as much as $75. Thanks to Samsung’s streamlined production effect, the bigger, better Galaxy S5’s screen is $12 off.

The fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S5 cost a whooping of…just $4 while the one on the iPhone 5s is said to be costing Apple $15 per unit.

Samsung’s much hyped heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S5 cost just $1.45 and it’s outsourced at a company called Maxim.

Collectively, the DRAM and flash memory on the device billed up at $33 while the sum of coupling the phone is put at $5 per unit.

The cost of manufacturing a Samsung Galaxy S5 was estimated to $256, even though software licensing and installation will make sure the actual cost of producing the device reaches at least $300.

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