Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 The Best Galaxy To Buy Right Now?

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was announced February this year and was later released in March. Featuring a 5.1″ Quad HD display packed inside a metallic body, the sights of the 2016 Samsung flagship at first sight reminds you of one thing first, a familiar face, an old friend – the 2015-released Samsung Galaxy S6.

While a large section of the crowd will argue that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is so “last year” and could be easily classified as dead and gone, yours sincerely would like to argue otherwise. It might not be Samsung’s latest flagship phone but it’s still the best Galaxy smartphone in the market to buy now…of you ask me.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

I have my reasons of saying such. The S6’s biggest in-house “competitor” should supposedly be its successor, the Galaxy S7. Both come with exactly the same size and resolution of screens but while the S7 is only less wider in terms of bezzels, the S6 is smaller and thinner and weighs a whole lot thinner (138 grams vs 152 grams). The S6 comes with a superior 16MP back camera with the all powerful optical image stabilization feature which the 12MP camera on the S7 lacks.

True that the S7 boasts of 4GB of RAM and 3,000mAh battery whereas the S6 has 3GB and 2,550mAh respectively, PhoneArena’s recent battery test shows the latter beating the former in battery durability as well as charging speed.

In terms of pricing, both phones were released with the same pricing templates; however, nature has it that phones become cheaper when their successors hit the market. What that means is that the Galaxy S7, still basking in its early days glory, should attract a price tag in the region of $700 in phone stores while the “old” Galaxy S6 would easily go for $500 and below. Now you say: isn’t the Samsung Galaxy S6 the best Samsung Galaxy to buy now?

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