Samsung Galaxy S6 to come with built-in wireless charging?

Another day another Galaxy S6 story. The latest gossip we tapped from South Korea reveals the yet-to-be-announced Samsung flagship will not need a special casing or anything to support wireless charging, instead the phone will need to be placed on a wireless charger while it does its thing, just like that.

Galaxy S5 wireless charging
If this feature does not ring a bell, let’s say that Samsung is trying to compensate the non-removable battery of the Galaxy S6 with a more convenient, faster mode of charging. Though we are yet to confirm it but many reports have highlighted the device’s battery as non removable and this much coincidence can’t be false as we’ve been informed by different sources.

Samsung is allegedly rooting for an aluminum unibody design (the back of the phone will be reportedly covered by glass) and that is the main reason why the S6 will be pretty much slim but will be lacking a removable cover and thus void of a user-swappable battery.

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