Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge selling for amazing $499 on eBay


The Galaxy S6 Edge device is the much pricier version of the Samsung Galaxy SF device and since its original launch, the device has been suffering some rapid decline in price. While there might be a lot of factors behind this, the most important likely to be less demand for the flagship, we do not have any official statement from Samsung as regards this already. What is then even intriguing is that this curved screen model of the S6 lineup is in good demand among customers.

SGS6 ebay

However, a new deal on eBay has started to offer the device for a very low price relative to what it started selling for. With the Galaxy S6 Edge coming originally at a peak price of $800 + (with respect to whatever variant you would like), the device has now fallen to a $499 according to the deal seen on eBay.

Sold by Monoprice on eBay, the now $499 expensive device would be featured in color variants of gold, white and black. This would also be a GSM model so it would be working with AT&T and T-Mobile inside of the United States. It also appears that the device has been region locked meaning that if you’re ordering from outside the US market, you’ll have to unlock first. You get a 14-day warranty from Monoprice as part of the deal and after that, even Samsung doesn’t have you covered.

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