Samsung Galaxy S6 roots for glass back cover, no more aluminum unibody

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is surely going to be one of the biggest names in the smartphone community this year. This perhaps is connected with Samsung’s popularity and the greatness that went with earlier models of the Galaxy S series.

Samsung phone back
And now, one more gossip about the upcoming flagship. We just caught wind that Samsung will use a glass back panel — instead of just the previously rumored aluminum unibody that cast doubts over the phone’s removable battery. This latest development doesn’t seem unrelated to the welcoming of Apple’s Jony Ive’s ex partner on board of the design management team at Samsung.

However, we are not quite sure where the whole design of the Galaxy S6 is heading to. Many things have been said in the past about the Galaxy S4 successor which makes it hard to believe anything. We ask our readers to digest everything (including this one) with a pinch of salt until the phone is officially unveiled — possibly at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain come March this year.

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