Samsung Galaxy S6 tipped to use 16MP camera from Sony

Camera sensors

If there’s one thing phone makers do which sweetens the mobile industry, it’s how they patronize each other in parts. It’s no news that Apple uses chipsets made by Samsung, displays by LG and maybe, one or two other things in Phones could be traced to other companies in the phone game.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t avoid the cross-OEM relationship. According reports coming in today, the “Next Galaxy” is embedded with Sony’s IMX240 camera hardware which has a 16MP sensor. We’ve already heard that the device may be having a 20MP camera but this information seems legit, judging from the source.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is to go official on March 1 and is expected to feature a 5″ screen, 3GB of RAM and Samsung’s in-house Exynos processor.

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