Samsung Galaxy S6 to get the Nougat bump soon

There has been a lot of beta tests and now, the real thing is about to be rolled out. In latest news, we can now say for sure that the units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge would be getting their bump to the Nougat very soon. 
We know that ‘soon’ has been the word we have been using for a while now, but given that a device with model number SM-G920V which also has the Nougat on board has been certified by Wi-Fi Alliance, all the pieces begin to fall in nice places.

While this model number hints at the version of the phone that has a flat screen, it is expected that the curved edge variant also gets its own certification soon. For the Galaxy S7 users though, they should have started to get their own bump to the Nougat platform. 
From the South Korean OEM, it has also been let loose that some other units such as the original Galaxy A series would be getting the update in the first half of 2017.

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