Samsung Galaxy S7 Now on the Go

For those who are waiting for new flagship devices, this year will be the bumper year for upcoming smartphone devices.

Samsung S7

By looking on tech mobile expert websites you can see that there are incremental updates, even most top device maker shares limited information on its upcoming phones besides from leaks published related on their ongoing devices. Does market continues to expect amazing device design at top end specs and superb device features.

As people of today look for the shiniest smartphone device spectrum, flagship series by different smatphone maker develops phone that market will go with it.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Edge obviously build in superb style that was last year, this is the main reason why the company knock out its competitors in the mobile market last year and for 2016 moving with S7 and Edge as well.

So, if all those  rumors and leaks that was scattered around the digital world was accurate on S7 series, all we can say is that only few innovations are made in terms of design, besides it return to support via microSD and increasing the battery power not just the size will surely increase its device usage time.

So for those who are waiting for S7 series, February 21 is the final date for that, the date wherein the company will introduce its new flagship device in the world formally.

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