Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge get permanent price cuts in India

Over five months since the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge saw a market release, they are still very strong smartphones in the market and their worth is not to be dampened by anything. However, Samsung has sought to increase the amount of people that this device can reach with the new official price cut that they have put on the smartphone.

Before you start smiling too wide though, note that this official price cut is currently effective for only the Indian market.
Normally, the Galaxy S7 would set you back a total of INR 48,900 (about $728) while the Galaxy S7 Edge would cost INR 56,900 (around $847) if you were buying from third party retailers such as Amazon but with the new price cut, the Galaxy S7 now goes for INR 43,400 (about $645) while the Galaxy S7 Edge would cost INR 50,900 (around $760)

This might be Samsung’s way of ushering in the Note 7 by first slashing the prices on their previous flagships so as to make the gulf wider and then, make the offering even more appealing.
Since this one was launched internationally also, we would very much love to see the same price cut across both the flat screen and curved-edge variants of the S7 in other markets likewise.

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