Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge re-launch with “Pink Gold” variant in the US

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has just been launched, but that does not stop the South Korean OEM from making experiments with their old devices that had once held the flagship position and even still have killer specs and with what we have seen, it is a beautiful experiment at best.

If you had been wanting to own either one of the Galaxy S7 or even the Galaxy S7 Edge for a while, now might be the best time to get one in a fancy colour variant because Samsung has released a new version of the smartphone to the market and this one would be sold in only the United States market, coming through Best Buy as an exclusive to the retailer.

We are thinking that this is the answer that Samsung wants to provide on behalf of the world of Android to the Rose Gold variants of the iPhone that has captured a lot of hearts and in their own way, they have cooked up a “Pink Gold” artistic finish for these 2016 flagships.

Getting the device via Best Buy would cost you $199 on contract with them and if you activate it right there, you even get an entitlement to a free gift card to shop up to $150 with the giant retailer themselves. If you want to know about any of these devices again, click one of the blue links and you would have gotten more than enough info.

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