Samsung Galaxy S7 to sell cheap in a bid to drive sales – Reports


We have heard a lot of things about the Samsung Galaxy S7 device over a period of days and months but never have we heard anything as concerns the price, well, up until now, that is.

A new report has claimed that in a bid to ensure much more sales on its high end smartphones likewise, Samsung would effect a cost reduction plan on the Samsung Galaxy S7 which could see the device cost as much as 10% lesser than the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Recalling a report that we saw in the third quarter of this year, Samsung posted a boost in sales from last year but the more devices that were sold happened to be the mid-range devices (especially those at or around $200) and the high-ends enjoyed lower patronage due to the prices slapped across their faces.

Daum, a Korean website, has already forecasted that we would be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S7 in February. We already know that Samsung is (reportedly) in talks with Sony over the camera technology in its Xperia Z5 line of devices and as such, the 20MP camera that is rumored to be coming with the S7 might be of two types – the Sony’s and ISOCELL.

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