Samsung Galaxy S7 could be unveiled at “Samsung Unpacked” in February

Former rumors have led us to gain a lot of insight as to what to expect with the coming of the Samsung Galaxy S7 device which is bound to be the latest flagship in the line of Samsung smartphones. Other rumors indicated that due to the revamped manufacturing process that has been put in place by Samsung, the unveiling of this device should be sometimes early next year and optimists pointed at January. Later, some other news made it known that it would be February and there are some claims by the trusted twitter account – @Ricciolo1 – to back this claim up.

Tweeting from this account, news was gathered that the Samsung Unpacked event for the year 2016 would most likely be held on the 21st of February. It is no news that Samsung releases its flagships on this date and also, Samsung hosts this event just a day before the Mobile World Conference. Judging by this history, the MWC for the year 2016 is set to hold on the 22nd of February.

With some reports claiming that the device had been fit for production since September, if other rumors are true, we should be expecting a 5.2 inch and 5.8 inch variant of this device, the US and China market having versions that would run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 while other markets would see the device with Exynos 8890.

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