Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge unit also explodes while charging overnight

While we have been having the issues of defective batteries on the releases Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units so much that the South Korean OEM has ordered the recall of these devices, another smartphone that has been in the market for a while but is still in the Samsung line-up is also recording similar issues that is plaguing the Note 7.

A gentleman has claimed that his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge got burnt while he was sleeping and charging the smartphone overnight and according to the report he gave, he was using the original charging unit.

This is not even related to the issue that is happening with the Note 7 because they have different battery units and the S7 Edge has been around for about six months now and in all of this time, this is like the first of such issues that we have recorded.

The owner of this S7 Edge device has linked up with the management of Samsung and they have asked him to either get a replacement or a refund.

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