Samsung’ Galaxy S7 Is Not The Big Thing This 2016

Recently Samsung reveals its Galaxy S7, this revelation catches the attention in the mobile market, but wait this is not Samsung’s Big thing this year.

Samsung’ Galaxy S7 Is Not The Big Thing This 2016

So the question now is what do we mean exactly? Of course, S7 was impressive and powerful and most of all user friendly android based smarpthone. But what we mean here is that, the current model cannot be considered a jump of technology to something that what people expect.

Remembering company backlash last year with its microSD-less, water susceptible, and small battery on S6, with the market history S7 might remind people about the past. But we wonder this time the company wants to regain its model lineup slash that causes profit loss and even users leaving so they should be making some huge innovations.

The latest S7 undoubtedly was just an upgrade to fill up the gap in the previous series. And it’s really obvious. But for us , we suspect that S7 might be the last line and for 2017 Samsung might reveal a redesigned smartphone forgetting the dilemma.

But whatever plans the company has, the importance of market preference are always top of the line.

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