Samsung Galaxy S8: All the rumours, leaks, and specs. 

​Samsung has been in a constant battle of wits with other Android phone manufacturers over the years, and if we are to truly consider the income of the South Korea OEM and as well, the kind of tech that they churn out year after year, we can safely say that they have managed to put themselves miles ahead of any other competitor in that market. Since they have managed to keep their Android competitors at bay, Samsung has been seen in recent years taking the battle to Apple and truth be told, they seem to be the only ones capable of standing against the Cupertino-based company.
With the release of their Galaxy Note 7 last year, it seemed that they finally had the formula to beat the iPhone but then, explosions wouldn’t let the Note 7 be great.
Again, Samsung is planning to make up for all of their mistakes on the Note with a flagship Galaxy S8 launch this year, and we have been hearing a lot of cool things about this unit already. Originally expected to launch at MWC next month, it seems that Samsung has seen the wisdom in ‘better late than never,’ and we would be getting this unit sometimes later instead. However, we could still manage to keep ourselves company with the leaks and render roundups over time.

So, the Samsung Galaxy S8 – what should we expect? And what’s the fuss even all about?

1 Display

This is the first thing we see when we look at a smartphone, so that makes it the best place to start from. From what we have been hearing, the leaks have been consistent about this one being a near bezel less design and due to the curved screen, the display would extend around to wrap some parts of the back.

There are supposed to be two versions of the S8 and this year, we are not to expect a flat screen variants at all. The Note 7 already prepared us for a future of curved Samsung flagships, so this is not shocking. Last but not least, the S8 would come in screen options of 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches, and while we have heard about 4K or QHD, most leaks choose the latter option.

2 Home Button goes home

Since we are looking at a nearly bezel-less design, it has been consistently rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would not have the home button that has become something of a signature for Samsung in the past years. Since there is supposed to be a fingerprint scanner, there are other rumours to support that the fingerprint technology would be embedded under the display.

Not only would the home buttons be missing, but if other leaks are on the money, there would be no dedicated buttons for rocking the volume too. Don’t worry yourself as all these would be a part of the screen design.

The only button that we might be looking at after all could be the one dedicated to the AI assistant, and that is if it gets fully developed before launch


3 Say Cheese!

What would a good smartphone leak roundup be without mention of the camera units? Well, as far as we have heard on the S8, the back of the device would feature a dual camera setup and frankly, we would be disappointed if we found out otherwise. According to a report coming out of South Korea, the camera units on the back would have sensors rated at 16MP each while a nice 8MP unit is nestled on the back.


However, Bloomberg seems to think that high manufacturing costs have led Samsung to drop the dual camera idea all together. With Samsung already getting a trademark for the term Smart AF, we could be looking at an autofocus technology like never before too.

4 Hello, AI.

Google has been in development for a long time and finally, they have come out with their own AI which has launched with both of the Pixel units that are on the market. For years now, Microsoft has been improving the Cortana system and Apple is not relenting in taking Siri to new heights. Since this is the trend in the world of smartphones and technology now, it is reasonable that Samsung wants to step things up on their next flagship by introducing an AI.


As would have been expected, Samsung should opt for the stock AI developed by Google but in this case, they want to make a name for themselves in this department also. Acquiring an AI company that goes by the name of Viv Labs, Samsung themselves stated that the Galaxy S8 and other products to follow after would get their own AI support. For the voice assistants, we have not heard much, but we do know the names Bixby and Kestra do ring a bell.

For those that might be worried on what these mean, it is that Samsung is looking to give you the option of having a male or female voice assistant, rather than shoving the usual female option down your throats.


5 War of Wallets.

If Samsung is to really implement all we have mentioned here, and the other things that we have talked about on the newest member of the Galaxy S flagship family, we could be looking at a considerable hike in price. Let’s be frank with ourselves – component prices aren’t what they used to be, and it is understandable if the S8 packs quite a punch when it comes to their asking prices. Looking at this matter from another angle, Samsung might just let the price on the Galaxy S8 where that of the former flagship is in order to attract a number of customers, and even make up for the undoing of the Note 7.


One thing is sure though – this one is a flagship unit, and you can’t expect it to sell for a price that wouldn’t justify that name or any of the crazy specs it would end up carrying.
We have pretty much covered it all. From the material on the screen to the innards, and then again, to what you might be looking to pull out of your savings account to cop this unit. Why don’t you tell us what you feel would be scrapped, what you would have loved to see instead and a host of other things in the comments box?

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