Samsung Galaxy S8 would not be unveiled at MWC 2017 afterall


After all the trouble that the Galaxy Note 7 had caused in the market, Samsung started to bank on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to keep things going and running for their brand, and these were just for the time being before the next iteration entered the market. 

Right from last year, we have been haring some rumours that the latest unit would be unveiled at MWC in February, and to add salt to the broth, Samsung confirmed it themselves. 
Right now, though, it seems that it would not be going according to that timetable anymore.
The chief of Samsung Mobile, Koh Dong-jin, held a press conference where he addressed this issue, and he cited a reason that we know most of you might have guessed now. In order to prevent the same kind of mistake that they made with the rushed production of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 model, Samsung has decided to keep the Galaxy S8 in the works and under further tests till they deem it fit for release into the market. 
This means that they are not looking to rush production to meet the market demands and fail in the long run. Lesson learnt the hard way, might we say.
For now, we expect the device to be launched sometimes in March.

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