Samsung Galaxy smartphone explodes in university girl’s bedroom

Galaxy Ace IIFor Hope Cassey, October 22nd ended normally just like anybody else’s. But what the University Of Ontario student didn’t expect is for her best electronic gadget — her dearest Samsung Galaxy Ace II — will catch fire in the midnight.

Miss Casserly said she was awakened by a weird noise in her bedroom at around 1:30AM the said day. What she found out left her traumatized for a few weeks.

“My back was to the phone and ah — I saw a light going across my shoulder, which would be the inside of the battery on fire. It hit the wall and fell onto my bed,” she said.

“I realized it was a fire and so I half sat up and put out the fire with my pillow … looked over and realized there was another fire and put that out with my pillow again and … turned on all the lights to see what happened.”

On what caused the incident, Casserly said she left her smartphone unplugged, screen-up, before going to bed by 11:30PM that night. She wondered how the phone’s battery managed to exploded and cause damage to her beddings.

Hope has refused to start using her new Samsung phone.
Hope has refused to start using her new Samsung phone.
The burnt beddings.
The burnt beddings.

Hope Cassey has since been awarded a replacement phone by Samsung which is unfortunately afraid to start using. She didn’t give a hint of the phone she’s currently using.

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