Samsung Galaxy’s 24k Gold Plated S7 and S7 Edge Limited Edition at $2,370

Not all people around the globe are happy with their latest luxury device on hand, for some owning a regular gadget model is not enough. So they tend to look for extra edition model for them to be different from what others have.

Samsung Galaxy’s 24k Gold Plated S7 and S7 Edge Limited Edition at $2,370

Since in the past, smartphone manufacturer are releasing limited edition of its flagship model, this model is special as it is coated with special metals or jewels. But for 2016, owning a flagship device coated with 24K gold Galaxy S7 or Edge will be truly exquisite.

Just recently the company revealed its Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge gold plated series, this special edition models can be preordered starting this date. So the question now is how much would it cost?

The price of the device depends on the type of precious metal added based from customer’s preferences. Of course both versions will have a 24 k gold or 18k gold plating.

The 24K Gold S7 is $2,380 USD, the 24K Gold S7 Edge $2,495 USD, the Platinum S7 $2,495 USD, the Platinum Edge $2,630 USD, the 18K Rose Gold S7 $2,425 USD and lastly the 18K Rose Gold S7 Edge $2,562 USD

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