Samsung Gear Glass to launch with Note 4

Samsung is back in rumorland, this time it’s about a Google Glass-like wearable which our source says might debut with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flagship.

Samsung Gear Glass to launch with Note 4Samsung Gear Glass to launch with Note 42
With the device looking like a stripped down Google Glass, the Galaxy Gear does not have two lens and two handles as the former has, but has a strap that helps it hold unto the ear.

Not much was revealed about the Samsung Gear Glass and we can’t even grantee if the report itself holds any water.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is due to come along in September and all we have to do is fold our hands and wait till then.

Meanwhile, Samsung isn’t the only tech company out there prepping an eye wearable. Besides Google’s Glass, Microsoft has MS Glass while LG has registered a patent and is said to be working on their own wearable called G Glass.

Another company, Epson has a smart glass which will be released later this month under the name of MOVERIO BT-100.Meanwhile Smart Eyeglass by Sony will go commercial by June this year.

So, even if this report doesn’t the technology holds water for the future of wearable glasses.

Update: The supposed picture of the Samsung Gear Glass were just artistic concepts.

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