Samsung gets 500,000 replacement units for faulty Note 7 into the US

Even if you are not one that is very given to tech and the news that surrounds it, there is a very high chance that you have heard about the various Galaxy Note 7 units from Samsung that have been catching fire in various parts of the world and if you are aware of this, there is also an high chance that you also know that the company has launched a recall programme which would see them take back all the faulty units and replace them with new ones in perfectly working conditions.

Well, there is now good news cooking for those that have turned in their own units for recall in the United States because the South Korean OEM has claimed that they now have a total of half a million units of their safe smartphone floating in the market, which means that you are liable to get a replacement unit anytime soon if you are in this market.

It would be hard for Samsung to regain the love that it had lost in the hearts of many and would surely make the global giant lose its place in the top spots but with this replacement programme coupled with a great customer interaction policy, the top is not an unachievable goal anymore.

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