Samsung has promised Clear View casings for the 2017 Galaxy A5 and A7


The Mobile arm of Samsung has reported that for the next devices coming in the family of the Galaxy a series, they would be providing extra accessory support to two of them in the sense that these lucky duo would also start to have Clear View covers of their own. The two devices are none other than the mid-rangers Galaxy A5 (2017) and the next in line to it, Galaxy A7 (2017).

As we expect that you already know, those Clear View covers are the pouch protection that you put your device I and allows you access to your smartphone (in a way) without even having to open the lid. It gives you the chance to see your notifications and every other thing though the casing.

There is the current pricing of $60 on the current Clear View covers that are available for both of these smartphones that are already in the market but for the 2017 refresh, although we are expecting something of a slightly higher price, there is no official information in this regards yet.

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