Samsung has reportedly started mass producing Exynos 8890 to meet Galaxy S7’s making

Samsung should just go ahead and launch its Galaxy S7 device already as it is starting to seem like with every passing day comes comes new info as regards this device. Being caught up in the rumor mill a lot of times daily and weekly, one would be left to wonder the type of “tight-lip” technology that Samsung might have employed on this device.

Having already been rumored that this device would arrive in two variants, defined by their screen sizes and make of screen which would further have variants defined by the processor inside, it has been reported bow that Samsung is now in the works to produce its own native Exynos processors which the company wishes to use in the device.

Based on the 10nm manufacturing process, the news Exynos (the Exynos 8890) is expected to be a huge powerhouse and be very fast. We do not have a lot of information on this new chipset yet but the rumors have claimed that Samsung has already entered mass production mode for this chipset.

So, if these rumors are true, we would be looking forward to a Galaxy S7 that has the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor and the newest from Qualcomm – the Snapdragon 820.

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