Samsung has successfully replaced over 1 million units of faulty Note 7 devices

The ride has been everything but smooth for Samsung when it comes to the path that the Galaxy Note 7 had decided to take and even though they still have work to do, the South Korean OEM should give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done so far.

The most remarkable feat that they managed to achieve over the past few days has to be the way they kept the trust and loyalty of their customers to their side, culminating in over 90 percent of those that have turned in their smartphones wanting a replacement instead of a refund and while that has put more work into their hands to get new devices to them, Samsung has posted that a million customers have already gotten the ‘safe’ units of this device.

25 days after the official recall started out, Samsung still has 1.5 million units to replace but the speed at which they have achieved this and the efficiency of their operations have shown that although this is a very dark patch and stain on the reputation of the company, they would do anything to bounce back.

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