Samsung in fresh bad press as the Galaxy S7 explodes again in the Philippines


The saga of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units have finally started to die down and as soon as Samsung thinks that they are eligible to take a break from all the bad press that they have been getting in a while, another occurrence has occurred to suggest that they are far from safe with their reputation as it is currently.

About a week ago, a report came out of an exploding unit of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and out of the Philippines, there is another report of the same occurrence happening.

Coming from a woman, she claimed that her unit just started to overheat and began to give off smoke while being used by her daughter. To stop the unfortunate incident from becoming a bigger occurrence, they had to splash some water o the unit to get it to calm down, wrap it with a towel and then smash the thing.

She reported the issue to Samsung and even though they offered to replace her smartphone, she opted for the option for an instant refund which was granted on the spot.

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