Samsung India boasts of market strength

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South Korean tech company, Samsung, has revealed in a latest release that it is still strong in the Indian market.

The latest report comes as the South Korean tech company attempts to dispute the conclusion made by Canalys’ stating that Chinese brand, Xiaomi, has taken over the Indian mobile market.

Samsung, based on the data obtained by GfK (a German research firm) stated that it controls 45 per cent of the Indian mobile market which places Xiaomi’s figure at 40 percent market volume share.

Recall that Canalys had analyzed the shipment numbers from both companies but hadn’t taken into consideration a major factor, sales, one which was inputed in GfK’s tracking records.

Going by the sales measurement, GfK’s data came in more handy proving that Samsung is still in the lead.

However, Samsung further revealed that it doesn’t engage in large shipments because its supply chain is lean and efficient.

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