Samsung is worried about iPhones getting bigger screens

Samsung has finally had their first public say on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone.

The South Koreans sounded a little worried about the upcoming phone, but nonetheless delivered their message — that the Samsung Galaxy S series have been having big screens all these while, so Apple fans should chill with the hype.

The current Galaxy S flagship is the Samsung Galaxy S5. At 5.1 inches, it’s screen beats the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5S (which has a 4.0-inch display), in terms of physical size and PPI (432 vs 326).

This is not the first time Samsung is trolling Apple on it’s new/upcoming products. In 2012, the iPhone 5 was received with a host of Samsung commercials tagging Apple customers as iSheep and making them look like fools when they claimed that “the next big thing is already here”, referring to their own Galaxy SIII.

An ad called “wall huggers” was recently published on Samsung’s YouTube channel highlighting iPhone users’ troubles in charging their non-swappable battery compared to the ease of using a Galaxy S5 with user-removable battery and ultra power saving mode.

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