Samsung launches platform in Hong Kong, Macau to check if your Note 7 is faulty.

Right now, the official count states that the amount of the launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units that have exploded worldwide has passed the two dozen mark and is even counting at that but with all these going on, it has been found out that this is due to the faulty battery which was manufactured by one of Samsung’s affiliate companies.

With the units that was launched to China and South Korea containing a different battery to those that was launched elsewhere, it has been promised that the same issue would not be facing the units in this region but it seems that they want to be doubly sure now.

Online, Samsung has launched an IMEI check tool for al of the Galaxy Note 7 users in China which would help them decide whether or not the smartphone is safe from explosion or prone to this kind of issue also. This offer has also been extended to the users of the phablet in Macau and Hong Kong too.

While there is every little possibility that anyone in these parts would have an issue with their devices, it is safe and advisable to check and be double sure with yourself too.

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