Samsung Now Making Pink Smartphone’s

Samsung Now Making Pink Smartphone

Just months after the tech giant device maker Samsung announced its Galaxy Note 5 in “Pink Gold” variants, the company now announced another batch of flagship devices like S7 and the S7 Edge will be available in new variants, so we have here a picture of what the pink version of S7 will look like.

Samsung Now Making Pink Smartphone

The tone of these Galaxy devices looks identical to “Rose Gold” variants from iPhone 6S that was announced last September of 2015.

With iPhone 6S design, Apple was first among many Smartphone maker company to popularize a pink color in the electronic market device. And since the company launched the pink version of the device, other electronic products like the Apple Watch and the Apple MacBook was also produced in the same color variants.

On the other hand, Samsung has history of doing similar variants to what ha apple done. Last 2013, Apple introduced its first ever gold iPhone  known as the 5S and shortly, Samsung announced their gold version of Galaxy S4, announcing their move in suspiciously defensive post that will explained how Samsung released gold phones.

The first release of the pink gold variant version of S7 and S7 Edge will be done in South Korea like what it did with Note 5 in the past.

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