Samsung To Offer Easy Upgrade Program When The S7 Launches


Samsung believed to follow the track what Apple had made in the past, specifically on “Apple’s iPhone upgrade program” (trading device and upgrade to new one). According to source Samsung is planning to launch an upgrade program alongside with Galaxy S7 official launch in South Korea projected to happen this March.

The program apparently similar to what Apple’s own program, allows customers to pay a smartphone over two year look in period and upgrade to its latest model every twelve months. Unlike any other carrier contracts, iPhones that was bought on Apple’s program come unlocked, and customers don’t have to pay any upgrade fees when new model launches.

The report does not say if that it will be applied on all Samsung’s smartphones devices, or if it will be limited only to top tier models like Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. Assuming that the program launches alongside with Galaxy S7, it would make sense for the company to include the mentioned devices, but it could add more phones model line-up as time goes on.

Although South Korea reportedly is the place where Samsung’s to launch its program, we would not be surprised if sooner it will also be launched to United States. After all, Gear S2 and Samsung Pay both launched first in South Korea and came to United States months later. We’ll keep you updated on the program as we learn more about it.

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