Samsung offering $179 off the Galaxy S7 units,  throws in deal sweetners too

​For the lovers of Samsung that would love to skip carriers and the deals that they might be offering this holiday, the South Korean OEM has a special offering just for you and we have no doubt that you would like it. 

Samsung has been selling both variants of their Galaxy S7 flagship devices on its own website unlocked for a few months now and they would like to even kick it up a notch, making this season a truly blessed one for us all. For a limited time, Samsung would offer you a whopping $179 off any unit of the flagships that you buy, and you also get to choose a SIM of your own as soon as it lands on your doorstep.
Taking that to the actual prices that are obtained on the units, this means that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will cost you something in the range of $499.99 now and the curved screen variant would just ask you for a $100 more. To further make things interesting, they are offering free shipping to those that would be snatching a unit in the period of this deal and you also get to participate in the free mobile game holiday gift setup. 
Now, who said Samsung doesn’t know how to throw a Christmas party?

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