Samsung Pay Singapore To be Launch this June 16

Samsung Pay

Mobile payment are not that new to mobile application, we are now seeing these feature being used by most company, and now Samsung wants it with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay was on operation since 2015 in South Korea and US, and Samsung has been adding number of countries every month. And this time it will be Singapore’s turn to received the feature  this coming 16th of June, making the country as the fifth to be added on the list.

So the question was, what makes Singapore so special as usually Samsung Pay is limited only to Samsung phones, but this time Samsung is working with Singtel a local partner in Singapore in order to broaden its reach. In its official announcement, Samsung says that “will be exploring potential collaborations in the mobile payment space” with its local partner Singtel. The local partner offers mobile payment system using their application that is available both Android and iOS platform.

For the record, Samsung Pay has been on the leg up on its system competition, thanks to Magnetic Secure Transmission, or the MST. This allows payment system working just like credit card’s magnetic strip feature. So this means that it will work anywhere which is a great advantage.

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