Samsung promises to bounce back after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

2016 was really shaping up to be the year that would be set in gold for the management of Samsung. The first thing they did with the start of the year was introduce two flagships that are majorly different in the way their screens were oriented with one going with the traditional flat screen technology that has already littered the markets and the next one having a special finish and touch of curves on both sides.

Named the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge respectively an continuing the line-ups of Galaxy S flagships, what it remained to cap off a great year was the launch of a Note device and opting to go for the Note 7 nomenclature instead of sticking with 6 that would have been next in line, they skipped a number and launched Note 7 hastily in a bid to beat the iPhone launch and sales, a move that is coming back to haunt them in their sleep.

Explosions started to rock this device here and there and after the first recall programme, there was nothing that could be done to prevent even the so-called safe replacements from going the way of the old ones and going kaboom. After that, they ended the line of the Note 7 altogether and lost a lot of face as well as customers in the market too.

While there is no question as to the quality of Samsung and the products that it churns out across various departments, they have made a move to inform the market that they would rectify the brand image and hope to reclaim top spot again soon. This means some new innovations, and we are all up for that.

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