Samsung readies report on the Note 7 fiasco, yet to reveal to the public

Samsung readies report on the Note 7 fiasco, yet to reveal to the public

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 didn’t just provide eye candy for a lot of smartphone lovers that would love to see a fine design on a phablet but also, packed a lot of impressive specs to justify the rather large price tag that Samsung slapped on it as at the time of launch. Even though this device was expensive, it did appeal to a lot more than Samsung thought o and many reached deep into those pockets to get a unit for themselves.


Painful then, was it for the lovers of this smartphone when it started to explode, a condition that caused it to be recalled and then discontinued later.
As at the first time that these occurrences started to surface, Samsung blamed the problem on battery units that were faulty and later, they were forced to retract their own statement, promising us that they would go back to the lab and give us a detailed report on what caused the explosions before the year ran out.
Right now, it seems that they have made good on that promise as there is a new report from them that has all the information needed on what caused the ill fate of the Note 7. Although they are yet to release it to the public, they have sent it to some other arms of their internal labs and we also expect it soon enough.

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