Samsung ready to share what caused ill fate of Note 7 units in Seoul

It has not ben long after Reuters claimed that they have been able to get a peek into the reports of Samsung’s Note 7 investigations, and that they found out that the issue was mainly due to the battery units on the device. Today, Samsung themselves announced that they would be holding a press conference in Seoul and there, they would make know what has caused the explosion on their units. 
The Seoul event would be held on Monday and at 10:00 KST.
On this day, Samsung would be sharing the information of what happened with the units with the world, and they would also bring some independent investigators into the mix to share their own findings too. If you are able to convert the time zone to match yours correctly, you can watch the event live via streaming from
Ever since the last units of the Not 7 got recalled by the South Korean OEM, Samsung has been under pressure to get to the base of the matter and let the world know what went wrong, and now, they are ready to stop the hand of the ticking clock and do just that.

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