Samsung Releases Smart AI Assistant, Bixby Worldwide

Samsung Begins Official Roll-out Of Its Smart AI Assistant, Bixby Updates

South Korean OEM, Samsung has finally rolled out the smart AI Assistant from its stables codenamed Bixby worldwide.

Recall that the smart AI Assistant which was reported to have beaten Apple’s Siri hands down and rivaled Amazon’s Alexa was reported to be coming on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus but suffered glitches and therefore was not released with the device.

The digital assistant which landed in the US a month ago has as of today been launched officially worldwide.

However, the major catch to the release is that the smart AI assistant is only available in English and Korean.

The smart AI assistant has been reported to work fine in Canada, UK Australia and South Africa but is also said to be sensitive to accent.

Samsung is expected to release a full list of supported devices for the smart AI Assistant soon although it has been established that the AI assistant will work well on the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and the soon to be announced Galaxy Note 8.


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