Samsung reported to be working on Pro versions of the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7


After Samsung has seen to the design and launch of both the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 smartphones, there are new reports that they are planning to bank on the build of both smartphones and create a Pro version for both of the aforementioned handsets. Being launched exclusively in China alone, it is rumoured that the Pro versions of the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 would both carry a model number of SM-C5010 and SM-C7010 respectively.

At this point, it is sad to end on this note and state that we have no additional piece of information on any of these two and not even the tiniest bit of leak as regards their design or specifications have slipped through, although we know from the report that there is every indication that they would be better than their predecessor in terms of hardware and software, as would have been expected.

We should probably add for those that have not been following for a while that around October and November, we are expecting the launch of a Galaxy C9 from the company too.

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