Samsung Reveals New Mobile Gamble

Samsung reportedly noisy with its mobile plans this 2016, its next step is to produce device that are what we called bendable type.

Samsung Reveals New Mobile Gamble

The giant Korean Technology giant openly talked to the press about its technology improvements and its future plans. But as what we noted, the company was continually increasing its future device with its future plans. This information leads to perceive that the company’s launch were about to happen.

Just recently, new patent was spotted by our reliable source, this patent indicates on design option of the device, the so called fold-able handsets. The said patent depicts relatively at the standard package of the Smartphone design, in which it has a display that has almost double in total size if it is slid out.

So the said extended display clearly appears hidden under its main display, with device mechanism located on one side that allows the screen to be slid out.

This report summarizes the company’s overall mobile concept in its early years, in which it seeks for future Smartphone’s that seems to be flexible type. Some concept points out to be roll-out or even the passport tables that will fold like a book.

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