Samsung To Revise Its Support Apps

Samsung To Revise Its Support Apps

Obviously, the main advantage when you purchase Apple Product is that Apple offers unparalleled support system to its legitimate clients. Meaning if you have trouble with iPhone, you can even walk to any Apple Store in your area or the nearest in your place and then receive a one on one assistance and support.

Samsung To Revise Its Support Apps

This was the thing that other device makers missed to offer to its clients as most of them don’t have any supports like what Apple’s network support has, so for non apple owners if you have problem you might experience difficulty of where to fix your device for help.

This time Samsung is now trying to take direct charge in terms of device support with Samsung + app, and this time, they are now pushing a remarkable update to the said app with more support focused features it can offer to its customers, the Samsung+ compatible virtually in every Galaxy device starting from Galaxy S2 and offers text and video support.

There are chances for those who are not familiar with Samsung +, this is not preinstalled on its device and the company has not actively promoting this. But available from Play Store, and with the latest updates, this will surely be featured in the marketing operation of the company in the future.

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