Samsung Rolling Out its Latest Emoji on Android Marshmallow

So today, we are going to share to you this popular Emoji that most people getting crazy with, as the company announced Galaxy S7 and Edge, they also added that they will launch and host its self developed new emoji.

Samsung Rolling Out its Latest Emoji on Android Marshmallow

To be specific, the Emojipedia added with 159 latest emoji and of course it has countless changes. So now those older users of Samsung devices will get updated with this emoji feature as part of Android Marshmallow update.

So why not update your phone after receiving the update notification? So let us continue, Samsung takes emoji to the next level with more emoticons like what other similar app with Apple and other apps has.

So in similarity, Google uses more bulbous like looking cartoon character on its Android and Hangouts. To let you know the last time emoji was updated by Samsung was around 2013’s on Galaxy S5.

So now there are about 12 emoji faces including the famous ‘Money-Mouth Face’ and the ‘Nerd Face’. Ops before we forgot the ‘Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended and more.

So this Marshmallow update will bring new features to all Samsung devices.

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