Samsung Silently Removes Its Trademark From Galaxy S7 Devices In Japan, South Korea and China

For the record, Samsung spends not just millions but billions of dollars annually only to promote its product around the globe, but this time as the company prepares to launch its newest flagship devices, you will notice that the famous branding was removed from its popular devices.

Samsung Silently Removes Its Trademark From Galaxy S7

We all know that this branding is the most important factor in the market. In South Korea, China, and even in Japan, Samsung is selling out its flagship smartphones the Galaxy S7 and Edge without the popular Logo in front of its device like what its previous model has.

When Samsung reveal their latest smartphones during the Mobile World Congress, Samsung showcased flagship handsets with Samsung Logo.

However, in countries like South Korea, China and Japan, Samsung decide to completely remove its logo, but the embedded logo remains on the rear portion. As to date, we are waiting for the Samsungs official statement for them to explain why they removed the logo, and as soon as we get response orĀ  any information about the reasons, we will immediately update it here and you will be the first one to know about it. So stay tune and keep posted.

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