Samsung SM-G5510 shows up with 5 inch screen on Zauba listing

Of the two Samsung Galaxy ON smartphones that we are expecting, the most frequent when it comes to leaks has to be the smaller SM-G5510 which we recently reported to have been certified from the office of the FCC. The only thing that we got from the FCC certification was that truly, there is a device that goes by that model number and that is unsurprising given that FCC doesn’t leak much.

The smartphone has already showed up on GeekBench though and we were told that the 4.8-inch smartphone would be an entry level device, but we have another reason to believe otherwise now.

On Zauba, there is a listing that shows the importing of two of these units into India for testing and although they carry the same model number as show above, this one reveals a 5-inch screen rather than 4.8.

On the 3rd of September, another unit of the smartphone was imported into the country for further testing and R&D. For no, that is as much as we know but as soon as the information mill kicks up, we will be back her with some more news

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