Samsung Start Rolling Out its New Android Browser that Block Ads

This time, owner to some Samsung Smartphone will now have an option for them to user, introducing Samsung’s “Internet” app.

Samsung Start Rolling Out its New Android Browser that Block Ads

But before we move forward, this app was on the device long ago, but for this time the recent version 4.0 has pretty awesome features. All Samsung Android versions devices not just the recent Marshmallow get content the blocking feature or the ad-blocking provided by a dedicated third party installed application. This notable feature tagged as the “Secret” mode, in which this is similar to Chrome’s Incognito Mode or even Firefox’s private browsing. However for Samsung it added some authentication and strong encryption in order to fully protect internet browsing history.

In the last month Samsung has a rocky start with its ad-blocking app for Android browser. As this was initially launched for Marshmallow devices, Google immediately pulled its partner application, the Adblocker Plus.

So to continue, for the Secret mode, Samsung took advantage of the privacy beyond what it can offer innovative to other browsers. This time, it stores a saved pages and then bookmarks with same encryption technology that it used for Knox and gives the option to for the use to access it with some fingerprint authentication.

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