Samsung starts global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, initiates swap programme too

In the course of just one week, there were 35 reported cases of battery failures from all over the world as concerns the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and now, in a bid to control the situation and give the users a ’healthy’ device, the management of the South Korean OEM have issued a global recall for all the smartphones that are currently out now and in the process too, they would be running a replacement plan alongside it.

How they plan to go about all of these for now remains unknown but at best, we know they care much about the welfare of their customers now.

It is not yet clear how Samsung hopes to go about all of these because the smartphone has already reached millions of customers that are residing in over 20 countries of launch, making the process a tedious one for them.

However, with their management having confirmed that everything would be in place ad swaps should begin over the coming weeks, we trust that they would come up with a workable plan too.

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